Ethnic Public Relations and Event Management

At MAM we aim to make your decisions easy: MAM’s public relations and event management team, with agents located throughout the United States, will develop a specialized campaign for your concert tour, musical performance or festival, which stands on its own or complements your existing marketing efforts. Regardless of the size of your event, our team will ensure flawless and effective execution of your ideas. We set up a detailed plan to maximize the publicity you need and to implement your vision into the mainstream ethnic market.

We specialize in musical concert and series promotions, fundraising gala production, festivals and corporate entertainment – no project is too small or too big for us! We offer our clients the following services:

Ethnic Marketing

• Prepare and implement clients’ direct marketing and ethnic advertising plan

Financial Analysis

• Estimate and prepare a professional budget proposal for your upcoming tour, concert or event
• Prepare preliminary estimates of costs and expenses, associated with proposed advertising ideas and programs
• Audit invoices for space, time, material preparation and charges

Event Management

• Create, prepare and submit to client advertising ideas and various programs
• Assist with venue rental, ticket pricing, daily / weekly venue communication, box office reports and venue marketing
• Implement professional tour management
• Handle group sales and papering
• Plan travel reservations and accommodations
• Help with artists’ visa processes

Advertising, Public Relations and Promotion

• Plan and buy media to be used for publication of clients’ marketing efforts, at all times securing the most efficient and advantageous rates and placement available
• Perform other services such as editorial preparation/placement, interviews and public relations work in Russian-language media, online marketing.
• Supervise all printing jobs, as well as timely delivery and distribution of the printing materials.
• Ensure accuracy and completeness of insertions, displays, broadcasts, and other marketing efforts
• Plan and manage Press conferences

Creative Production

• Design and prepare a full range of printing materials (posters, fliers, display case posters, brochures and programs, mailing cards)
• Write advertising copy for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online mediums
• Produce video footage and on-air commercials for TV and radio