Musical Legends Join Forces For Lincoln Center Performance

Monday, November 23, 2009

Two musical legends are coming to Avery Fisher Hall this weekend for one special performance. NY1's Tara Lynn Wagner filed the following report.

The music is certainly not fading when it comes to Michel Legrand. The French born multi-Academy and Grammy Award-winning composer is currently prepping for a musical bow at Avery Fisher Hall this weekend.

Fresh from his sold-out Canadian tour, the song man has been represented on both stage and film; most notably, he penned the scores for the movies "Yentl", "Summer of '42", and the original, "(The) Thomas Crown Affair.” And, he was represented on Broadway in 2002 with his musical "Amour".

While Legrand is an accomplished musician himself, for this Lincoln Center performance, he's joining forces with another well known artist, five-time Grammy Award winner Dionne Warwick.

“I knew Dionne for a pretty long time,” Legrand said. “I heard her in Paris, Brazil, United States, and I know her career. And I love and admire so much the way that she sings. One of the things that is important in my life is to work with Dionne Warwick, so this is why I make everything possible, to see it happen for not only pleasure, but for my gratitude and admiration, and to simply stay alive.”

Warwick says that she, too, admires Legrand's work.

“Musicality speaks for itself, his choices of notes and chord progressions, melodies are just wonderful, and what I think any singer and interpreter of song would love to wrap their vocal cords around his music,” said Warwick. “It's a wonderful thing to do.”

According to Warwick, there are some jewels on tap for this Saturday night’s performance.

“There's a song that I really never heard before, ‘Nobody Knows;’ it's a terrific song,” she said. “It's a song I had to learn. [Then there’s] ‘Windmills of Your Mind’ and ‘I Will Wait For You,’ which, everyone in the world knows that song.”

And even though Warwick and Legrand will be performing in New York this weekend, for one-night only, both say they hope to continue collaborating with one another – whether in concert or on the musical stage.

Legrand: Be in a show on Broadway?

Warwick: I would love that! I think of Broadway every single day.

Legrand: You never been in a Broadway show?

Warwick: No. So now's our opportunity!

The music of Legrand and Warwick will continue on this Saturday night. For more information on their show at Avery Fisher Hall, go to

By: Tara Lynn Wagner

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