The Elder Son

The Elder Son

Maestro Artist Management presents the US Premiere of the award-winning play “The Elder Son” by the famed Russian playwright, Alexander Vampilov, known for his sharp comedy and profound lyricism. The performance features a star- studded cast of renowned Russian theatre and film actors: Victor Sukhorukov, Agrippina Steklova, Evgeni stychkin, Eygeniya Kregzhde and Yevgeny Pronin.

The bittersweet plot is almost borrowed from an "opera-buffa," but seen through a profoundly Russian prism. A case of forged identity causes a series of misunderstandings and leads, strangely enough, to love, as a fateful incident forever changes the lives of the characters. The story artfully weaves love and loneliness, mutual understanding and vulnerability, a need for every person to be heard and the significance of things left unsaid.

Venue: Walt Whitman Theatre, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

Named after the famous poet, journalist and essayist, Walt Whitman, Whitman Hall houses one of the largest performing spaces in Brooklyn, with its 2,500-seat theater and the smaller 120-seat New Workshop Theater. It is also the home of the Brooklyn Center Cinema, which showcases motion pictures and is fully equipped with a magnificent, custom-made, 40-foot-wide Cinema Scope screen, one of the last remaining monster screens in New York City.

2900 Campus Road
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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